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Jamendo service is a great option for music lovers and business owners

Jamendo is a Luxembourg-based music website that connects independent artists and fans. The website has recently become an Independent Management Entity and is a subsidiary of AudioValley. Jamendo has a growing community of over 20 million users, with nearly a million unique visitors per month. As of 2019, Jamendo has been ranked the fourth best music website in Luxembourg. Here are some of its top features. Read on to learn more.

Music lovers are in luck if they have access to a jamendo subscription. Not only do you get unlimited access to thousands of songs from independent artists, but you can also listen to a range of genres without paying a single penny. The subscription service is a great option for music lovers and business owners looking to reach an international audience with their music. But before you subscribe, you might want to read up a little more about this service.

Jamendo works with indie artists to offer a variety of services for synchronization. Its sync subscription service eliminates the nuances and burden of licensing agreements. The platform provides access to a diverse library of music that has been licensed by thousands of users. Jamendo is a high-volume sync licensing service, with over 240,000 tracks in its library. Jamendo is a good choice for indie creators because it supports indie artists, which helps increase their exposure and earnings.

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