The Meaning of Non Living in Hindi

The definition of non living is as follows: anything without a life span or metabolic activities. Examples of non-living objects are rocks, water, sand, glass, and the sun. Before we knew it, these things were actually living, such as trees. However, now we know that these items are not living, so they are not the same as non-living objects. The basic needs of living things include air, water, and food. Non-living objects lack protoplasm, and therefore do not undergo metabolic activities maru gujarat.

The process of decomposition is another term for a non-living thing. A living organism uses energy to maintain its structure and functions, including metabolism and catabolism. Non-living objects, on the other hand, do not require energy to maintain their life. Abiotic decomposition is the degradation of material materials through chemical and physical means. Living things must maintain these metabolic processes in order to survive, but a non-living object does film indir mobil.

There are two ways to understand the non-living word in Hindi. The first one is to look at the definition of non-living in Hindi. Non-living things are objects that do not live, such as a computer screen or a dog bowl. The second definition is to consider whether it is living or non-living. A living thing can be an animal or a plant. A non-living object can also be a person, if that is the case.

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