Things to Know About Dark Web

The Internet is a global computer network that provides all varieties of information along with communication facilities, each of which comprises numerous interconnected networks using universal communication protocols.

Besides being immensely useful and powerful, the Internet is massive. The surface of the Internet showcases what the majority of the users see, i.e., authentic websites indexed by top-tier search engines like Google or Bing. However, there are numerous greatofmining layers beyond the surface, out of which the dark web is a prominent one.

In this article, we will highlight what the dark web is, how users can access it, and list important things every individual should know about it. Let us dive right into it:

What is the Dark Web?

The majority of the Internet is indexed by search engines. However, there is a specific portion that is not, and that part is referred to as the “Dark Web.” This section of the Internet has been synonymous with shady activities for numerous decades. As per research conducted at King’s College in 2015, the dark web hosts approximately 57% of illegal or illicit content.

Individuals with malicious intentions can purchase credit card numbers, all sorts of harmful drugs, chemicals, weapons, and numerous other things on the dark web. However, as opposed to what most people are familiar with, the dark web also features a legitimate or authentic side. Hence, users can access the dark web for legitimate reasons.

For starters, users can access the dark web to collaborate anonymously with journalists, i.e., people like whistleblowers can connect with journalists to share important information without revealing their identities. Besides this, individuals can also access academic research and surveys on specific dark web portals.

How to Access the Dark Web?

According to Avast, accessing and using the dark web is legal, and thus, interested individuals can easily access it without issues. However, users should take certain precautions when trying to access the dark web. For starters, they should opt for tools like Tor to hide their identity online when accessing the dark web.

To access a URL or address on the dark web, individuals need to have specific links that are composed of numbers and alphabets, along with a “.onion” extension at its end. Although the Tor Browser is powerful, only using it is not the most effective or safe way to access the dark web.

Hence, every user who wishes to access the less-visible side of the Internet should use a Virtual Private Network or VPN software. It enhances the privacy quotient and ensures users navigate the dark web without their identities being detected.

There are many VPN software readily available, and thus, users can easily find one that suits their requirements.

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Some Interesting Things to Know About the Dark Web:

Here are some things every individual who wishes to access and use the dark web should know about it:

  • Despite having a bad image due to obvious reasons, the dark web facilitates people to express their views freely. It allows innocent people with opinions to stay safe from stalkers and other criminals and express their views freely without fearing for their safety. Hence, it would be safe to say that the dark web allows individuals to engage in honest discussions anonymously.
  • Governments around the globe often take the help of the dark web’s resources to identify criminal organizations that are operating from the shadows and wish to inflict harm upon the world in any way. With the help of the information on the dark web, governments locate and take down rogue organizations and individuals and enforce safety & security.
  • Although the Dark Web has been popular for quite some time, its activity has spiked severely in the last few years. According to a survey, activity on the dark web has increased by a massive 300% since 2017. There are numerous reasons for the increase, including the sales of illegal goods and services, cryptocurrency trading at discounted rates, etc.
  • The dark web is highly unregulated, i.e., they provide less protection to users, meaning that users’ machines can easily get infected by clicking on links or downloading files. Moreover, accessing specific information on the dark web could violate certain laws, even when users are not intentionally accessing it.
  • The dark web is home to numerous locked-down forums where vital information is shared or bartered. However, average Internet users cannot be a part since an invitation is required to access them.

Final Thoughts:

The dark web, as its name suggests, is a dark place for most Internet users to be in. Although it is legal to access websites on the dark web, users alinaimagine should stay very careful when browsing since even one accidental click on the wrong link can be catastrophic for them.

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