What is Educational System in the Philippines?

The educational system in the Philippines is made up of several components. The first is the elementary school, which covers grades one through six. Secondary schooling covers grades worldnewshunt seven through twelve. Unlike elementary school, secondary school is compulsory. Because the cost of attending private schools is high, many Filipino students are forced to attend public high schools. Additionally, public elementary and high schools are usually overcrowded. The school year in the Philippines runs from June to March, with a two-month break in April. There is also a semester break during the last week of October, and a week or two of Christmas break.

The Philippine amazinginfo educational system is trifocal, with different government agencies overseeing the different levels of education. The Department of Education sets educational standards for K-12 students and mandates standardized tests. Private schools, however, are allowed to decide on their own curriculum as long as they abide by Department thewebgross regulations. In addition, the Commission on Higher Education oversees and regulates the educational system at universities. The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority is responsible for technical education programs.

The Philippine education magazineweb360 system began under Spanish rule. The Spanish goal was to make native Filipinos god-fearing Christians, so religion was made a mandatory subject at all levels of education. The first schools were parochial schools run by missionaries, which taught fotolognews native children reading, writing, arithmetic, and practical arts. Later, missionaries established colleges for boys and girls.

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